Why Use MobileScore?

New Insights

Unlock new information on 'Thin File' individuals & get driving traits of your 'A rated' customers to more accurately predict behaviour.

Tailored Models

Design your own scorecards for better credit decisions. Take control of your risk and increase profitability of your portfolios.

Efficient & Practical

Automate your decisioning process and improve turnaround time using non-judgmental, uniform variables driven by your own data

Comprehensive Support

We audit your scorecard to ensure it is correctly programmed to meet your needs. We monitor and track your scorecard's performance.


Consented Access to Data

Informed consent is an ethical & essential requirement of this service. We provide the potential loanee a channel through which they can digitally consent to your request.


Sophisticated Analytics

We apply precise & complex data processing techniques to generate the credit scores. We are able to further derive profound characteristics that chronicle behavior.


Objective Credit Evaluations

Armed with critical perspectives about the loan applicant, your business is able to make good judgement on the ability of the loan applicant to pay.

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